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To SBIP in Hsin-Chu Taiwan

To Science-Based Industrial Park (SBIP) in Hsin-Chu Taiwan, please refer to http://www.sipa.gov.tw

By Bus (UBus or Ya-Lan Bus) / Taxi:

You can take buses to SBIP and get off at Science Park Life Hub then take a taxi to SyncMOS. You also can take buses to SBIP then have a free shuttle to SyncMOS.

By Train:

Please get off at Hsin-Chu train station. Then you can take taxi to SyncMOS. Or you can take buses No.1, No.30, or No.31 and get off at SBIP, and then take taxi or a free shuttle to SyncMOS.

Car Drive:

Coming off any of the Hsin-Chu interchange ways at the SBIP or Kuang Fu Rd. Hsin-Chu and refer to the attached map, or you can call 03-5789988 for further instructions.


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