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Human Resource

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5.2 Opportunity

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5.4 Benefit

5.5 Employees Profile

5.6 SyncMOS Life


SyncMOS has a perfect benefit system to encourage SyncMOS employees to achieve their career goal .
Compensation Structure

※ Fixed salary for 12 months

※ Bonus of Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival

※ Incentive rewards

※ Employees Stock Option Program

※ Profit Sharing

Employee Benefits

※ Labor Insurance

※ Health Insurance Plan

※ Coupons for special festivals such as Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, Labor's Day, and employee's birthday.

※ Employee allowance on occasions of wedding/childbirth/funeral, etc.

※ Annual physical examination.

※ Recreational subsidies for employee's activity associations.

Housing and Dining

※ Provides dormitory (suite style), Cafeteria, and recreation center.

※ Meal allowance.

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