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About SyncMOS

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Company Profile

SyncMOS Technologies International, Inc. was established in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park in 2001.

We launched a series of microprocessor controller products with flash memory, from 8-bit to 32-bit continuous deep-rooted in the field of microcontrollers, including industrial automation, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and computer industries. Peripheral and other application fields, with leading and innovative technical capabilities, provide high-performance, high-quality MCU products and application solutions.

In recent years, through continuous improvement of core technology and research and development capabilities to create differentiated brand value, and launch artificial intelligence (AI) And the microcontroller products and solutions required by related fields such as the Internet of Things (AIoT).

Products cover a variety of different application fields, and realize product differentiation with the integration of three major technical advantages of MCU technology, analog drive and power management, the main products of the product are PMIC+Driver+MCU's various mixed-signal ASSP chips, BLDC motor control chips and RF wireless transmission smart AIoT chips. In addition to providing core control chips, it also provides complete system solutions, a development and verification platform for terminal products, Development tools and software support, for a professional microcontroller application single chip design, manufacturing, sales and provide overall solution technology services company.

The team has become an elite R & D talent from a well-known semiconductor company in China and the United States, adhering to the attitude of product quality and technological innovation, currently ranking leading position in Asia, we attach importance to the cultivation of talents and technological innovation, and based on the concept of people-oriented and employee sharing business results, providing colleagues with boundless development space.

Quality Products

SyncMOS provides "One Stop Shopping Product Development" that supports its customers with a full spectrum of high quality services ranging from design, fabrication, assembly, test, and sales. Its current main product lines focus on:

※ 8-bit embedded-flash MCU with advanced peripherals, high MIPS, high precision ADC/DAC and various interfaces.

Quality Services in Design and Manufacturing

SyncMOS is more than an IC Design House. Besides designing and marketing, SyncMOS also provides Turn-key Services in production covering both Front End and Back End manufacturing. SyncMOS' ultimate goal is to provide a TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE to its customers.


※ FAE Support.

※ Application Software.

※ System Integration.

Quality Staff at Different Locations

SyncMOS has set up the best teams possible to serve its customers in real time. These teams are capable of providing technical know-how and business expertise. To constantly provide a close service to its customers, SyncMOS key design center is located in Taiwan, and several sales channels throughout the whole world.

Commitment for Quality

By taking advantage of a full vertical integration, SyncMOS determines to lower costs and enhance technical know-how in order to meet customer demand, benefiting consumers. SyncMOS always keep abreast with global technology advances, with a hope to provide its customers with the most efficient solutions. This is how SyncMOS fulfill its commitment for a successful future.

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